Frequently Asked Questions

What is Victoria Community Store?

Victoria Community Store is a local online marketplace that empowers local online shoppers to discover, browse, and buy from local independent retailers in the city and region. We connect you to the Greater Victoria community you love, letting you support the vital local economy and reduce your environmental impact, all while maintaining the unique character of where you live by spending money to support local jobs and innovation.

What types of stores can I find on Victoria Community Store?

Victoria Community Store only hosts independent brick & mortar and Shopify (online-only) shops located in and around Greater Victoria. No chains, no big box stores, and no Amazon.

How can I find a specific product?

Coming soon! We’ve made searching easy. Simply type in the name of the product on the search bar, and you’ll find the product you’re looking for from local businesses that you want to support.

What if a product is unavailable?

What’s in stock at the store shows up on our website. That means that if a product is sold out on the shelves, it’s unfortunately sold out online, too. But don’t worry: we’re working hard to connect you to more stores everyday so we can continue to grow our offering, and you can continue to support your community.

How will I receive my products?

Your purchases are made directly from each local shop. You can choose between curbside pickup and delivery during the store’s checkout process. Shipping/delivery options will vary by each store.

Where does clicking ‘Secure checkout’ take me?

Secure checkout will bring you to where you’re shopping: the local store’s website. This way, you can learn more about the shop, their return policies, and their delivery options. In addition, this process helps each store connect to you, their customer, allowing them to build unique relationships with their supporters so they can continue to thrive.

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