Sacha Face Crema Light by Dragonfly Dreaming Organics
Sacha Face Crema Light™
60 mL / 2 oz
30 mL / 1 oz

Sacha Face Crema Light™ is Rainforest Organics to bliss your face!

This light moisturizing crema features the amazing anti-oxidant 'superfood' from the Peruvian upper Amazon, Sacha Inchi oil. Tremendously nourishing to the skin, it soaks in quickly, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and supple. 

It's an excellent moisturizer for all skin types including youthful / troubled complexions, and as an after-shaving moisturizer for guys. Gender neutral. 

Key Ingredients include: +•sacha inchi oil from the rainforest of Peru, with +•shea butter, • wild flax oil, apricot oil, •sunflower oil, •grapeseed oil, extracts of •grapefruitseed and papaya, glycerin and purified water. The crema also contains essential oils of Rosa Damascena, Ylang Ylang and wildcrafted Cowichan +•carrot seed from our still.

(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients  + = non-timber forest product)

Scent: very light, slight scent of Rose, slightly herbaceous 

Texture: light cream, spreads easily and absorbs quickly into skin, leaving no greasy residue. Non-greasy. 

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