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Supportive Hybrid 

Looking for a side sleeper mattress? Still need it to be comfortable when laying on your back? The Model 7 is designed for you. Robust and opulent, this tufted innerspring mattress improves on The Model 6's build with additional latex padding, a layer of cotton felt and a premium zoned 8" spring.

"Zoned" For More Support

Model 7 is suited to the person that needs a robust yet comfortable tufted innerspring mattress. The individual pocket coil spring is "zoned" for more support through the hip and lower back area. 3″ of Natural Talalay latex provides upper softness and pressure point relief.

Support for Hips & Lower Back

The core of our Model 7 is comprised of a three zone individual pocket coil spring. This spring was specifically designed with side sleepers in mind. The center zone is reinforced with firmer coils throughout, in order to adequately support your hips and lower back. The shoulder and leg zones are fitted with softer coils to provide additional comfort and body contouring.

3" Natural Talalay Latex

We cover this spring unit with a sheet of natural cotton felt and place 3" of 100% Natural Talalay Latex over the top. As always, the sleep surface consists of high thread count Organic Cotton ticking quilted through a layer of Joma Wool®.

Long Lasting Comfort

The next step for our Model 7 is tape edging. Then this mattress goes into our pneumatic tufting press. This time intensive process ensures that all of the components work together in perfect harmony for many years to come.

This mattress is also available with Dunlop GOLS Certified Organic latex rubber.

Key Features

    • 12" Finished Height
    • 3" of Natural Talalay Latex Foam
    • Available with Soft, Medium and Firm Latex
    • Breathable - Does not sleep hot!
    • High Thread Count Organic Cotton Ticking
    • Quilted through 1 Ounce (per square foot) of Joma Wool®
    • 10lb sheet of cotton felt (Queen size)
    • 8" Multi Zone / High Count Individual Pocket Coil Spring
    • Tufted with felt and linen rosettes
    • One sided, not flippable. Rotate every 6 months for optimal longevity
    • Available as a “No Compromise Mattress” offering side specific support within a single bed

Custom Fit

Here at Fawcett we customize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs. After your purchase online we’ll do a comprehensive telephone consultation to ensure that your new bed is configured for your sleep preferences. One mattress usually doesn’t “fit all”!

In Stock?

Timing for delivery of your mattress generally takes from 2 to 4 weeks. That being said, we strive to keep most popular models in stock. Check in with us to be sure.

Why no jokes in this one you ask? Well, this is a serious mattress we are talking about here!

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