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Model 9 Plush Hybrid Natural Mattress
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Plush Hybrid Mattress

The Model 9 is our most plush hybrid mattress. It feels so nice that we considered calling it "cloud nine" but that was too cheesy even for us.

This mattress is a love child of the Model 2 and the Model 7. Sharing the customization and two component construction of the Model 2, while utilizing the premium 8" spring of the Model 7.

Available with Side-Specific Firmness Options

Our Model 9 is a premium plush mattress, available with side-specific firmness options. Similar in construction to the Model 2, Model 9 utilizes pocket coil spring in the lower instead of an all-latex core as its support base.

Motion Transfer Reduction

Simply put, our Model 9 is made of two independent components. 4" Natural Talalay latex topper is free floating on our premium 8" individual pocket coil spring lower. This independent topper configuration allows you to flip and rotate each piece separately. It also facilitates greater body contouring and reduction in motion transfer. Both components are encapsulated in our high thread count Organic Cotton ticking quilted through a layer of Joma Wool®.

Highly Customizable

Model 9 is highly customizable to meet the demands of even the most sensitive sleeper. The topper is available in soft, medium and firm, while our zoned pocket coil spring comes in firm or medium. Combining the above mention components allows us to create a mattress ranging from extra soft to firm in the overall feel. Stop by our showroom or give us a call and we will make sure that it fits you just right.

This model is also available crafted with Dunlop GOLS Certified Organic latex rubber.

Key Features

    • Breathable - Does not sleep hot!
    • 12.5″ Finished Height
    • Available in multiple firmness combinations for a no compromise comfort
    • 3″ of 100% Natural Talalay Latex
    • Topper available in Soft, Medium or Firm
    • High Thread Count Organic Cotton Ticking
    • Quilted through 1 Ounce (per square foot) of Joma Wool®
    • 8″ Multi Zone / High Count Individual Pocket Coil Spring
    • Full flip. Flip and or rotate every 6 months for optimal longevity
    • Available as a “No Compromise Mattress” offering side specific support within a single bed

Many of you might have noticed that our Model 9 and Model 2 share a lot of the same features. Why should you pick one over the other, you ask? Well, if you need unsurpassed flexibility, motion reduction or are just looking for an all natural mattress, stick with our Model 2. Like the bounce and response of a zoned pocket coil spring? This is your ticket!

Custom Fit

Here at Fawcett we customize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs. After your purchase online we’ll do a comprehensive telephone consultation to ensure that your new bed is configured for your sleep preferences. One mattress usually doesn’t “fit all”!

In stock?

Timing for delivery of your mattress generally takes from 2 to 4 weeks. That being said, we strive to keep most popular models in stock. Check in with us to be sure.

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