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DreamSerene® Bamboo Mattress Protector
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This mattress protector is made from 100% rayon made from bamboo fibres. Hypoallergenic and waterproof, this protector ensures that your mattress will be protected from any type of spills or stains that might occur.

The DreamSerene® Tranquility™ bamboo mattress protector is one of our most competitively priced mattress protectors.  If you've got a great (Fawcett!) mattress, it makes sense to add a mattress protector to it.

Indulge in a cool, dry, and comfortable night’s sleep with our ultra-absorbent Tranquility™ mattress protector. The sleep surface consists of rayon made from bamboo and is luxuriously soft; perfect for sensitive skin. WetBlock™ technology protects the mattress from spills, accidents and natural body moisture that occurs during sleep while still allowing the mattress to breathe. AllergySheield® creates a barrier between you and the mattress to protect against dust mites and allergens that might otherwise negatively affect your quality of sleep.

      • WetBlock™ technology is breathable, silent and protects the mattress from spills, accidents, perspiration and stains

      • 100% Rayon made from bamboo

      • AllergySheield® creates a barrier against allergens. Great for those with sensitivities, allergies or asthma

      • Ultra absorbent, silky smooth bamboo rayon fabric quickly wicks moisture away from the sleeper for a reliably cool and dry sleep

      • This bamboo mattress protector is sewn in a fitted sheet style

      • Machine washable in hot water; Tumble dry at low temperature
      • 10 year manufacturer warranty
Why mattress protectors? Protect your mattress from body oils and perspiration, keeping your mattress cleaner, and ensuring that you have a cool and dry sleeping environment. You’ll also extend the life of your mattress and reduce the chances of a dust mite infestation. Need a pillow protector? You will find it right here.
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