St Dormeir Pillow Protector
New Zealand Wool Pillow Protector

St Dormeir Natural Wool Pillow Protector

The St Dormeir wool pillow protector provides exceptional protection. The natural breathability of the wool helps your pillow feel cool and fresh in the summer, and yet so cozy in the winter.

St Dormeir wool pillow protectors are made by quilting high quality virgin wool between two layers of special, chemical free cotton. This thick pillow protector helps your pillow feel remarkably soft and luxurious. Please note that the St Dormeir protector will make your pillow feel a bit firmer, due to the thickness of the wool fill.

Why St Dormeir?

The New Zealand wool pillow protector has unique properties. Just make sure you follow the “care” instructions. This protector has been specially milled using a European process.

Why Wool?

People have been living with wool for about 10,000 years and it is a familiar and safe part of our environment. Wool has amazing properties, and is far superior to any man made fibre. This protector will keep your pillow cleaner and more comfortable. St Dormeir Wool comes from New Zealand, which is recognized as a world leader for high quality wool.

Care Instructions

Your new St Dormeir wool protector will, with care, give you many years of comfort. Please note these simple instructions:

Machine wash in warm (Not Hot) water, on a gentle cycle. Use a good quality detergent. Do not bleach, or use a detergent that contains bleach.

Use the maximum water level. Do not launder any other items except St Dormeir wool protectors together. Do not overload the machine. We recommend washing a mattress protector by itself.

Wash only in a front loading machine, or by hand. Use an enzyme free detergent like Woolite baby or Kookaburra wool wash. Your St Dormeir protector can also be dry-cleaned.

Hang to dry. Do not use a dryer machine. Do not Iron.  Our cotton terry cover is a special type of weave that maximizes absorption, to ensure the driest, most comfortable sleeping environment. Drying other than hang drying will cause the protector to shrink!

After laundering, you will find your St Dormeir protector may appear to have shrunk a little. However, when you put the protector back on your pillow, it will stretch easily to fit. Our protectors are made this way to always fit properly without bunching.

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