Fawcett Designed Italian Bed Base
Slatted Wood Bed Frame

Slatted Wood Bed Frame

Sustainably Sourced

Minimalist design. FSC® Certified wood. This Fawcett designed - Italian made - slatted wood bed frame is made from natural laminated beech plywood, harvested from FSC® certified sustainable sources.

Ergonomic Comfort

We designed this slatted wood bed frame in cooperation with Moretti family company founded in Italy in 1932. It features an elegant and minimalist look. Positive camber laminated beech wood slats provide support to your mattress and add ergonomic comfort. Silent rubberized polymer holders carry the slats inside the frame making it sturdy and durable.


    • This free standing frame includes 11.25" solid beech legs.
    • Can be dropped in to an existing base, as long as the existing frame has  sufficient side-to-side support (aka cross-slats).
    • Certified by the German IGR Research Institute with in-depth tests carried out on the ergonomic aspects of the entire range.
    • FSC® Certified wood. The frame of this base is made entirely of laminated beech plywood harvested from certified sustainably managed sources.
    • The plywood is curved by a heat process using non-polluting resins, absolutely chlorine free.
    • Electromagnetic fields are reduced due to the limited use of screws in favour of rounded corners and dovetail joints.
    • Available in Double, Queen and King size.

Coated 7 layer laminated construction slats guarantees flexibility, stability and durability for many years if trouble free use.

This exclusive Dynaflex® slat system is tested by the prestigious German institute W.KLAUDITZ- INSTITÜT FRAUENHOFER to guarantee the right degree of moisture, stability, resistance and flexibility.

The moisture level of the the sleep surface is controlled by small depressions on the surface of each slat.

In combination with our Model 1 mattress this slatted wood base creates a highly breathable and elegant sleep solution. The positive camber support of the Beech wood slats provides long lasting, buoyant support to the mattress.

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